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Blue Raven Gallery & Gifts
in Many Hands Courtyard
3054 N. 1st Ave., Suite 4
Tucson, Arizona 85719
520-623-1003 / Info 405-3657
Hours: Thursdays 12-4; Fridays 12-5; Saturdays 11-5; and by appointment (405-3657)
“Landscapes, Mindscapes, Escapes”
a Juried Gallery Exhibition
Opening Reception: March 21, 5 – 8pm
Show runs through May 9
Blue Raven Gallery and gifts LLC is accepting applications for “Landscapes,
Mindscapes, Escapes,” a juried exhibition featuring local artists. Any type of
media will be considered. Deadline for applications is March 7; deadline for
accepted works is March 14. Show runs through May 9. Opening is March 21, 5-8pm.
Blue Raven Gallery & Gifts is a small gallery that often hosts fundraisers in
combination with art openings and exhibitions. A portion of proceeds from sales goes to
various non-profit organizations. Our gallery features changing exhibits, often featuring
works of local artists. Gift shop items include fine art cards, prints, tepary beans and cholla
bud packets from Sells, Tohono O'odham and Tarahumara baskets, a large (and wonderful!)
selection of Mata Ortiz pottery and jewelry, and unique jewelry from local craftspeople
both north and south of the Border.
For more information, please come by the Gallery during open hours or contact Katie
Iverson at [email protected] or 520-405-3657. If you know other artists that might
be interested, please let them know about this show!
The Blue Raven Gallery wants to thank you for your interest in this event!
“Landscapes, Mindscapes, Escapes” Juried Exhibition
Important Dates and Guidelines
Artists should submit images of work along with a filled out application form (below).
Applying for this juried show:
1. Submitting images: Submit CDs or photographs of one to three examples of your work
that you wish to have juried into the “Landscapes, Mindscapes, Escapes” show. We
encourage a variety of styles, including abstract or representational, and a variety of
media (paintings, sculptures, pottery, fibers, photographs, etc.) All works should be for
sale. (We will consider high quality reproductions, such as giclées.)
2. Application fees: There will be a charge of $10 for your first submission and $5 for
each submission after that. You will be allowed a maximum of three works for
submission. Checks, cash (in person) or credit cards are acceptable forms of payment
These fees are not refundable and will go toward the cost of the opening and advertising
the show.
3. Deadline for applications: Sat., March 7, 2009. You may bring images, application
forms and fee to the gallery during regular hours: Thurs. 12-4, Fri. 12-5, and Sat. 11-5,
and other times by appointment. If you send materials by mail, they must be received by
Sat., March 7. (For consideration for use on flyer, please send work early!)
4. Notification of acceptance: We will notify you of decisions by Tues., March 10, 2009.
If you have work accepted for the show:
1. Delivery of artworks: We request that you deliver your artwork with your Artist
Agreement Form by Sat., March 14 at 5:00 pm. These items must be clean, scratch-
free and ready to hang or display (please see #2, #3 and #4 below).
2. Submission of paintings: Paintings accepted for the show must be properly labeled (see
#3 below). Each framed piece must have a hanging wire on the back with the top point
of the wire within two inches of the top of the frame.
Please do not submit works with small, tooth-edged, metal wire 2”
hanging plates! from top
Frames should be simple, in dark, neutral, or natural wood tones. Metal frames are
acceptable. Gilded, ornate, or strongly colored frames are not acceptable.
3. Labeling of materials: Paintings and photographs: Label the back with your name, the
title, medium, dimensions and price (see Artist Agreement Form below). Sculptures:
If the name of each piece is not obvious, please submit a list with descriptions.
4. Pedestals: For three-dimensional pieces, please make arrangements with Katie (405-
3657) concerning display pedestals.
5. Pricing your artwork: 65% will go to the artist and 35% will go to the gallery. The total
price is what you should list.
6. Advertising the show: Participants will receive flyers for the show for distribution by
mail. Please let Katie know the number of flyers you would like. These may be picked up
at the gallery by you or a designated person. For an email form of the flyer, email a
request to [email protected] The Blue Raven advertises in local newspapers and
to our guest list. We encourage you to invite friends, acquaintances, family members and
your established customers to the opening and exhibition.
For any questions, please contact Katie Iverson at 520-405-3657 or call the gallery during
its hours of operation. Thank you so much for your interest in our show and your passion for
Blue Raven Gallery & Gifts
3054 N. 1st Ave., Suite 4
Tucson, AZ 85719
520-623-1003/Katie 405-3657 (cell)
Hours: Thursdays 12-4, Fridays 12-5; Saturdays 11-5; other times by appointment
“Landscapes, Mindscapes, Escapes” juried exhibition
Submission of images: by March 7/ Delivery of accepted work: March 14
Art Opening: March 21 - Show runs through May 9
Please fill out the following information; deliver
or mail it with numbered images to the Gallery.
Artist name _______________________________________
Address: street______________________________________________________
phone (day)________________________(eve)___________________
cell phone __________________email ________________________________
I am submitting _____(#) (maximum=3) of images in the form of (please check one):
___photos ___slides ___CD
Registration fee: For one image, please submit $10. For each additional image, add $5.
Total registration fee:________(maximum = $20)
I am paying by: ___check ___money order ___credit card ___cash (in person at gallery)
Credit card number: _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ Expiration date: _ _ / _ _
Submitted artworks: (Note: For accepted pieces, the following information will be
used for gallery price list and label.)
#1. Artist name: ______________________________________
Title of artwork: ___________________________________
Medium _________________________________________
Dimensions (framed): height:_______width:________depth (3-D):__________
Price: ____________(For pricing, please allow for 65% for the artist and 35% for
the gallery.)
#2. Artist name: ______________________________________
Title of artwork: ___________________________________
Medium _________________________________________
Dimensions (framed): height:_______width:________depth (3-D):__________
Price: ____________(For pricing, please allow for 65% for the artist and 35% for
the gallery.)
#3. Artist name: ______________________________________
Title of artwork: ___________________________________
Medium _________________________________________
Dimensions (framed): height:_______width:________depth (3-D):__________
Price: ____________(For pricing, please allow for 65% for the artist and 35% for
the gallery.)
Blue Raven Gallery & Gifts
“Landscapes, Mindscapes, Escapes” Juried Exhibition
Congratulations! The following work has been accepted for display in the gallery
show "Landscapes, Mindscapes, Escapes." Please fill out the following information and
submit it with accepted artwork. Artwork should be delivered to gallery with this
completed, signed form no later than 5:00 pm on Saturday March 14, 2009.
Artist name: ____________________________
Address ________________________________phone _______________________
________________________________email _________________________
#1. Title: ___________________________________
#2. Title: __________________________________
#3. Title: __________________________________
Artist's name __________________________ is lending The Blue Raven Gallery & Gifts
the above listed items for the purpose of display and sale from March 21 – May 9, 2008.
- The lender is responsible for delivering the artwork to the gallery by March 14
in neat condition and ready to hang/display.
- Labels must be attached to the back of all works with title, your name, medium,
dimensions and price.
- This form should be completed, signed and accompany the artwork.
The gallery accepts normal responsibility for damage incurred covered by gallery insurance.
Artists will be paid for items sold within four weeks of the end of the show. (If no
compensation has been received by this time, please contact Katie at 405-3657.) The artist
will receive 65% and the gallery 35% from sales.
Note: Blue Raven Gallery & Gifts reserves the right not to hang, display or sell any items
that are not neatly presented, are deemed inappropriate, or are not those expected from
previewed materials. If there is insufficient room for display in the gallery, some items may
be withheld from the display until a space opens up from a sale.
The following parties agree to the above conditions and insurance values:
Artist: ________________________________ date: _________
Blue Raven representative: ____________________________ date: _________
After the show: pieces should be picked up between 3:00 and 5:00 pm on May 9, 2009.
The following pieces have been picked up by the artist:
Retrieved items: __________________________________________________
Artist: ___________________________________________ date: ________
Blue Raven representative: ____________________________ date: _________

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