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    • Abstract: CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS REQUIREMENTSLocation & Date Online Submissions & DeadlineCMSA’s 22nd Annual Conference & Expo You may submit your presentation online at:

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Location & Date Online Submissions & Deadline
CMSA’s 22nd Annual Conference & Expo You may submit your presentation online at:
Moscone Center West Convention Center
800 Howard St. (between 4th St & Holland Ct) http://www.cmsa.org/CFP
San Francisco, CA 94103
P: (415) 974-4000  www.moscone.com Submission Deadline: September 11, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Date: June 19–22, 2012
The mission of CMSA is to offer integrated care management by promoting
If you are a professionally-paid excellence in education, research, and practice. The organization's Annual
speaker and wish to be considered Conference provides a self-directed, facilitated learning environment through
for CMSA’s Annual Conference, classroom sessions, poster displays, exhibits, symposia, and networking
please DO NOT SUBMIT THROUGH opportunities. Incorporating new advances in science and addressing new
THIS ONLINE CFP PROCESS, as needs within health care is constantly changing. All of us must find new focus
keynote and paid presenters are not areas to exchange the latest research, results, and ideas.
selected through this medium.
You must submit your professional
Conference questions have been developed from previous CMSA membership
speaker packet, denoting your fee
surveys and annual conference evaluations from the major areas of concern
structure, presentation topics &
expressed by the respondents.
subject matter, videos, books
written, or other helpful
You will need to list three (3) Session Behavioral Objectives in your proposal, so
information for review by U.S.
please have that information prepared prior to your submission. CMSA’s 2012
Postal Mail to the CMSA contact
Conference Objectives are listed below, and the information submitted in your
listed below.
proposal should address at least 3 of the objectives to help set the stage for
CMSA’s 22ndt Annual Conference! We ask that you please ensure your
CMSA will contact the appropriate
presentation is unique to CMSA’s conference; and that your presentation is
representatives should booking be
not given to another organization or event at least 2 months out from
desired for an applicable conference
CMSA’s scheduled National Conference dates (June 19-22, 2012).
1. Examine advancements in technologies in health care delivery and
innovations in practice that are shaping the future of case management.
Please contact the following Event
Management staff below:
2. Describe how emerging trends in health care will affect case management
and the essential role case managers will play in promoting improvements
Mary Beth Pruss
in health care delivery.
Project Coordinator
3. Discuss collaborative strategies and share best-practice information for
6301 Ranch Drive
improving professional practice with case management colleagues and
Little Rock, AR 72223
experts from across the care continuum.
(501) 673-1126
[email protected]
4. Analyze current trends in quality improvement, patient safety, clinical
advances, and professional leadership that contribute to effective models
of case management across the healthcare continuum.
All information received, especially your abstract and bio, should be proofed
 You will not be able to bookmark for spelling and grammatical errors. Your submission will be reviewed by
or “save” your work during the CMSA’s Board of Directors and Review Committee UNALTERED nor corrected
online process. for typographical errors.
 You need to have all the necessary CMSA reserves the right to edit titles and content of your abstract submission.
information available and pre- Information you should prepare includes:
composed in a word-processing
application such as Microsoft  Faculty Information for EACH presenter:
Word® so that you can copy/paste o Full Name, Credentials, Job Title, Company & Home Address, Work &
your larger responses to questions Home Phone Number, FAX Number, and E-mail Address. NOTE: If
regarding the Presentation you have a typo when entering your email address, we will have no
way of getting in touch with you!
Abstract and or Presenter Bios.
 Presentation Title
 If your internet browser remains
o Limited to 65 characters or less – no exceptions may be made.
idle for 20 minutes or more, your o LONG TITLES are discouraged, and may be edited by CMSA.
session will automatically timeout
and your information will not be  Presentation Abstract
processed, resulting in your o What message are you trying to get across?
rekeying of the information o Limited to a maximum of 2000 characters, including spaces and
entered. carriage returns.
 You will receive an automated  Bio for EACH presenter
confirmation e-mail upon o Limited to a maximum of 4000 characters, including spaces and
successful completion of your carriage returns
application. If you do not receive o Written in paragraph format – do not use a resume or CV as your bio.
such an email, please double check o Do not compose in the 1 person tense or list hobbies and/or
any spam-filtering software to personal family comments. Bios for presenters selected will be
posted to CMSA’s website.
determine if the email was blocked.
Subject matter experts and CMSA’s Educational Review Committee will make
program selections based on Speaker and/or Poster Selection criteria as
described herein, using scoring criteria and qualified needs assessment based
on the following:
 Originality of material
 Overall quality of content including innovative programs
 Relevance / timeliness to current issues
 Well-defined focus and objectives
 Practical applications of material
 Level of speaking experience and expertise
 Basic, Intermediate, Advanced level knowledge
 Hands-on learning for immediate application
 Free from commercial bias ( no marketing is allowed in sessions)
 All components presented are neat and in the correct format
 Final selections are based on the best fit within the designed program
curriculum. Abstracts that do not fulfill all requirements stated in this
packet will not be reviewed.
If CMSA selects your presentation for its 2012 program, you must adhere to the
If an unexpected situation occurs following guidelines:
where you to have to request a change
to your speaker status, or even cancel 1. STANDARDS FOR COMMERCIAL SUPPORT: All presentations must adhere to
your speaking role, please notify the ACCME Standards for Commercial SupportSM. Presentations cannot
CMSA’s Conference Director or email promote products or services. The presentation must promote improvements
[email protected] imme- in health care. Presentations that constitute promotion and advertising
diately. In addition, please bear the (including the use of logos) will not be considered. If the cost of any
following in mind: presentation has been underwritten to any extent, a clear acknowledgment
stating the support, identifying the source, and describing the methods for
While we may ask your help in finding a keeping the content unbiased should be included. Presentations that in any
replacement, the speaking slot is not way promotes the commercial interest of a particular company, enterprise, or
held or owned by you or any company the author(s)’ presentation may not be distributed or displayed. Statements
you may be representing, and is not made in the presentation are the sole responsibility of the author; and are not
necessarily transferable to another viewed as, or considered representative of, any formal position taken on any
colleague of your choosing. CMSA will product, subject, or issue by CMSA.
certainly take into consideration any
2. DEADLINES: Deadlines will be established to submit your COMPLETE and
recommendations you may have for
FINAL PowerPoint ® presentation(s) to the CMSA Speaker/Poster Coordinator.
filling the vacated slot, but CMSA
Your presentation must meet published specifications and guidelines. Please
reserves the right to reassign the slot to
refrain from any direct marketing of products, services, software, or other
another submitter of its choice if
commercial ventures in either your submitted PowerPoint®, the session itself,
or supportive session materials. All PowerPoints® and/or session materials
must be pre-approved by CMSA’s Conference Director prior to presentation.
In the instance that this situation
Logos may only be shown on first and last slides of your PowerPoint.
should arise at the last minute, CMSA
does expect that the speaker be able to NOTE: Poster Presenters must submit a ”mockup” of their poster and an
offer a back-up plan. accompanying PowerPoint ® explanation by the requested deadline date for
pre-approval by the CMSA Conference Director. No distribution of onsite
If cancellations or significant changes handout materials will be allowed without prior approval by CMSA in sessions
become habitual, CMSA reserves the or poster displays.
right to replace the session and/or
decline any future submissions. 3. SYMPOSIA: Proposals with a strong “clinical” or “pharmacological” focus
should refer to the Symposium Program--located at the website address:
Please do not fail to show onsite. Such http://www.cmsa.org/CFP. Review of symposia will be based on criteria for
actions could force CMSA to suspend research-based or clinical practice/program abstracts.
all future speaking engagements
and/or opportunities. This would also 4. CHANGES: Plan your PowerPoint EARLY! -- No changes will be made by CMSA
ruin the experience of many attendees to the content, presenters, slides, or delivery after established dates have
who may have specifically arranged to been set by CMSA. This is to prohibit additional fees and approval from third-
attend your session. party Continuing Education certifying bodies that may disqualify your
presentation from earning CEs should the altered content not meet published
5. POLICIES: Presenter(s) agree to abide by CMSA’s policies and procedures.
6. CONTINUING EDUCATION: Presenter(s) agree to submit all required elements
for Continuing Education (CE) approval by the deadlines established by CMSA.
Presenters are responsible for ALL
Each Speaker further agrees that:
travel-related expenses (including
hotel, travel, transportation, and
 Only standalone presentation files such as Microsoft PowerPoint ® will be
used. No “.pdf” of presentation slides can be accepted; only the original
PowerPoint ® file.
ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  AV provided in session room: 1 wired mic, single front-projection screen,
and LCD projector will be provided for presentation.
Should your proposal be accepted and
scheduled, you will receive a  No other audiovisual (AV) equipment will be made available. Overhead
complimentary FULL CONFERENCE projectors and/or slide projectors are not permitted. Additional fees will
REGISTRATION (excluding any fee-paid be billed to speaker for any deviation from above AV as defined.
workshops or other fee-paid events).
Presentation acceptance emails will be  Speakers are required to bring and use their own laptop computers.
sent to the presenter(s) on record for CMSA DOES NOT FURNISH COMPUTERS. It is suggested that a backup
signature confirmation. copy of the Speaker’s PowerPoint presentation be available in the event
of an onsite problem.
 Conference sessions may be recorded for possible inclusion in CMSA’s
Educational Resource Library or post-conference extended learning
opportunities. Online access to the recorded session, presented in its
entirety as a standalone session or packaged with other educational
content, may be made available for purchase by individuals unable to
attend part or all of the CMSA National Conference as well as individuals
interested in the educational information presented.
 Session PowerPoint or supplemental materials may be posted to CMSA’s
Conference Website for pre-show downloading and review. Files will be
converted to the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format to allow registered
attendees the opportunity to print handout copies for sessions attended.
 Respective PowerPoint or supplemental materials may be placed in
CMSA’s Educational Resource Library or post-conference extended
learning opportunities for viewing by individuals interested in furthering
their educational knowledge, while simultaneously earning Continuing
Education Credits (CEs).
 Speaker(s) agree to arrive at conference site for rehearsals and/or
meeting rooms early enough to ensure their final presentation is
uploaded to their computer and displays properly with the AV equipment
for on-time presentation.
 Proposals constituting marketing pitches for products or services will be
eliminated from the show. Improperly or inadequately prepared
submissions will be eliminated from review.
Based on rigorous analysis of member/attendee feedback and requests, CMSA is seeking presentation proposals in the
following categories/topics.
Proposals in these categories will be given priority in the selection process.
Clinical/Disease State Management Regulatory/Policy
a) Cancer a) Health Care Reform
b) Pain Management b) Medical Home
c) Congestive Heart Failure c) Accountable Care Organizations
d) Case Management/Disease Management Collaboration d) Performance Measures
e) Fibromyalgia e) RAC
f) Transplantation f) Code 44
g) Wound Care g) Hospital Readmissions
h) High-Risk Pregnancy h) Medicare/Medicaid Programs
i) Diabetes i) Standards of Practice
j) Heart Failure
k) Alzheimer & Dementia Setting-Based Case Management
Case Management Career Development a) Acute Care
b) Integrated Case Management
a) Executive Leadership c) Behavioral Health
b) Programmatic Financial Management d) Social Work
c) Tools & Resource Development e) Pediatrics
d) Legal/Ethical Development Programs f) Geriatrics/Elderly
e) Culture Competency g) Long-Term Care
f) Case Management Certificate h) Military / VA / DoD / Air Force
g) Advanced Practice in Case Management i) Work Compensation / Disability /
h) Technology for Case Management Occupational Health
i) Demonstrating Value & ROI j) Wellness / Prevention
Collaborative Practice
a) High Performance Teams
b) Transitions of Care
c) Patient-Centered Care
d) Caregivers
e) Hospital to Community
You may submit your proposed
presentation through our online These sessions are 60 to 90 minutes in length and are typically one (1) to
process at the following website: four (4) concurrent session tracks with 11 breakouts in each concurrent
A poster is a graphically-based approach to presenting research. In
presenting your research with a poster, you should aim to use the poster
as a means for generating active discussion of the research.
You must list at least two (2) presenters for a poster submission. This
ensures poster presenters will be available at their poster location during
designated timeframes to answer attendee questions.
The poster and accompanying PowerPoint must credit the author of the
poster work, especially if the presenter is NOT the author of the poster.
All presenters’ names should also be listed on the poster. Include the name
of the institution where the work was carried out, and the following
 Introduce the Study (What hypothesis was tested or what
problem was investigated?)
 Method (Explain visuals and direct viewer’s attention to
significant data trends and relationships portrayed in the
visuals or the poster.)
 Results (Why was the study worth doing?)
 Conclusions and Recommendations (State and explain the
interpretations that follow from the data. Depending upon the
stage or nature of your project, you could also include sections
on future research plans.)
 References (Cite all references used or authors of the poster
in your accompanying PowerPoint.)
Posters are mounted on 4’ x 6’ corkboards with push pins provided by
These sessions are typically 90 minutes in length and funded by an
educational grant. The grant amount varies depending on timeframe
selected by the Sponsor.
Symposium topics are selected according to relevance and applicability to
integrated care management. For additional information, please contact:
Shelly Greenwood
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (501) 673-1115

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